The Ultimate JEE Chemistry Hacks: How to score 120 in chemistry in JEE Mains

Now that our goal has shifted to the next JEE attempt, it is always smart to figure out the best means to score the best marks across all subjects! But what if we told you that chemistry is a subject that invites a lot of scoring? Well, it really does. The chemistry section in your JEE mains can get you the best scores. So if you are bogged down by how to score 120 in chemistry in JEE mains, this is the best blog for you! Read on for some of the most scoring topics in JEE mains chemistry as well as some useful tips and resources you can get your hands on!

So your target is set, and all that you need to do next is find the best possible way to reach it. Since this journey to your final target can be quite cumbersome, it is always wise to choose IIT JEE classes in Pune. Tutoratti is one such coaching institute that fills you in on all the most scoring topics in JEE mains chemistry and ensures that students are provided the best knowledge to ace their JEE Mains. You can find one of our centers in Maharashtra at Pune (Sinhagad Road, Kondhwa, Aundh, Camp, and Kothrud), Pimpri Chinchwad, Raigad-Panvel, and Navi Mumbai-Kharghar.

Now that we have set our eyes on the prize, here’s the gameplan that will give you all the answers on how to score 100 in chemistry in JEE mains.

Start With The Core:

The foundation is what matters in every subject, and that is something you must perfect. Always start with NCERT books. A lot of questions are asked directly from NCERT. If you everything read carefully, nothing is better than NCERT for concept building. After going through NCERT, you can follow some standard books that we’re giving you the deets on, for studying most scoring topics in JEE mains chemistry.

The Best Books:

During the course of your JEE prep, your books are your best friends, and they have to be amazing. Check out the following books and try to grab them if you want the best resources on how to score 120 in chemistry in JEE mains:

  • General problems in chemistry (Physical)- P BAHADUR
  • Physical and inorganic chemistry- N Avasthi
  • Modern Approach to chemical calculation- R C Mukherjee
  • Organic Chemistry- O P Tandon or Himanshu Pandey

Apart from your NCERT books, these books will also give you a chance to learn concepts even more clearly, while giving you a lot of tests and questions to solve, with the appropriate answers mentioned within the pages!

The Most Important Topics:

As far as the most scoring topics in JEE mains chemistry are concerned, knowing these top chapters will help you understand what you need to draw your focus towards, especially after building a strong foundation. As found in the 2019 paper, here are some of the most weighted topics that were asked questions upon:

  • Chemical Thermodynamics
  • Solutions and Colligative Properties
  • Nuclear and Surface Chemistry
  • Practical and Environmental Chemistry
  • General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Metals (Metallurgy)
  • Carbonyl compounds and their derivatives.
  • Solid states, solution theory, and gaseous states.
  • Thermochemistry and the second law of thermodynamics.

Other topics you may want to focus on include: Mole Concept, Atomic Structure, Named Reactions, Organic Synthesis, several conceptual questions are asked from s, p, d, and f-block elements thus, instead of memorizing it’s important to understand it through visualization so that certain complex properties and compositions could be understood easily. Another pointer on how to score 100 in chemistry in JEE mains is if you have a good knowledge of the periodic table along with the trends in the properties of atoms like atomic radius, electron affinity, electronegativity, ionization, and the electrode potential.

Revise and Solve:

Make a habit of revising the most scoring topics in JEE mains chemistry on a weekly basis. It will save your revision time in the end and you can devote that phase purely for practicing mocks and previous year papers. Try to solve more and more previous year JEE Main Chemistry papers. It will give you an idea about the topics you should focus more on and the level of questions that can be asked. Practicing past year question papers will give you an idea about the questions that can be asked and the topics you should focus more on. We will suggest you attempt the last three-year JEE Advanced Chemistry section as well. It has been seen that sometimes questions are directly repeated in JEE Main from JEE Advanced examination.

So, start your journey towards success with the right inputs and teachings surrounding how to score 120 in chemistry in JEE mains. For more information about our online coaching, visit the Tutoratti website, or call us on  +91-8484818247.