How To Tackle Your JEE Attempt After Failing: Renew Your Confidence Without Letting Your Past JEE Result Affect You

Failure is the first step towards success. Even though this overly used phrase sounds tacky, it is absolutely true. Overcoming failure isn’t easy, but once you get over the feeling, you will truly be ready for the next chapter of your life. This philosophy applies to your JEE as well. Even if you failed your last JEE Main, you have a chance at redeeming yourself in the next one. In this scenario, treat this as a golden opportunity and not a failure. We know this is easier said than done, but as experienced educators in the field, we know how you can concoct a recipe for your own success even if your last JEE Main Result wasn’t as fruitful!

So now that you’ve truly set your heart on getting into the best institutes across the country, it is extremely important that you put your mind and soul into studying for the exam, no matter what attempt you are preparing yourself for. Since this journey can be quite stressful and cumbersome, it is always wise to choose JEE classes that will motivate you! Tutoratti is one such coaching institute that fills you in on all the important topics for JEE Mains and ensures that you are provided with the best knowledge and confidence to ace your JEE Mains. You can choose to enroll for our interactive online courses or find one of our centers in Maharashtra at Pune (Sinhagad Road, Kondhwa, Aundh, Camp, and Kothrud), Pimpri Chinchwad, Raigad-Panvel, and Navi Mumbai-Kharghar.

Getting to how you can prep yourself for a successful attempt after bouncing off from the last one, here are some amazing tips that will help you get right back on track, cause it’s not the end of the world!

Do Not Wallow In Self-Pity

No, you aren’t a weak student and you aren’t unworthy of this challenge. Tell yourself that this is just a small stepping stone instead of taking pity in your weaknesses. Make sure you do not undermine yourself. Don’t sit at home thinking you couldn’t do it while others did. Who knows, there’s quite possibly a better institute waiting for you after your next JEE Main Result!

You Are Now A Pro

When it comes to having an edge in your next exams, you are unbeatable. Remember the last time you studied for your JEE Mains? Well, all that you studied is now already etched in stone. All you need to do now is perfect each and everything you’ve learned while solving as many hands-on sample papers as you can grab! This puts you way ahead in the game as far as your next JEE attempt is concerned.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Anyone

No matter how many people might have cracked the exam in your friend list, do not compare yourself to them. You are an individual entity, your methods of learning are different. There’s no good and bad when it comes to the type of preparation you need to undertake for your JEE Mains. Stop asking yourself why your friend cracked the exam. Instead, ask yourself what they did in order to do so. Try reaching out to them instead of feeling inferior. Get some tips on how they prepared for the exam, and start applying them instead of feeling jealous or dejected. Focus on the singular course of you and your prep.

Look Straight Ahead

No matter what happens, all you need to do is look straight ahead at your goal of cracking the JEE. Once you start paying attention to what others are saying or doing about your failure, it’s as good as deflecting from your course towards your goal. Do not pay attention to what your relatives and friends have to say. All that matters is how true you are to your preparation, and how confidently you give your next attempt for a stellar JEE Main Result!

Seek Assistance

If the first time didn’t work out as well as you expected it to, try making minor changes in your approach. Seek assistance from a coaching class, or even your college teacher you have a good rapport with. If not, try asking a friend who is strong at the subject you want your doubts cleared on. If at all you find yourself weak at some topics, address the doubt right away. Don’t hold back from seeking help.

Talk It Out

Even if you need help in handling your emotions, make sure you talk to someone about it. Only when you feel emotionally ready, will you be able to take the bull by the horns. Talk to someone you trust with your feelings, someone who will help you with mature advice. If you don’t think anyone can help you out, try seeking therapy. Do whatever it takes, but don’t give up!

If you feel you need any help from us, we’d be more than glad to assist you! At Tutoratti, we truly care for your progress. For more information about our online coaching, visit the Tutoratti website, or call us on  +91-8484818247.