Update On Scholarship Exam 2022 And Tips To Ace It!

High School Scholarship Exam is a state level scholarship exam conducted by Maharashtra State Council of Education (MSCE) in India to identify students having academic talent at secondary schooling and to encourage deserving students and provide them with financial support. These exams are conducted since the year 1954. These exams are held for students pursuing 5th Standard and 8th Standard Class in Secondary or High Schools in Maharashtra. Earlier only few selected students from each school were able to appear for these tests but from the year 2008 any student from a Government recognized school is eligible to appear for the exam. The exams are conducted every year in the month of February or March and over 5.5 lakh of 5th standard and over 6.5 lakh of 8th standard students appear for this exam. The exam can be given in both English and Marathi mediums.

The aim of this Maharashtra MSCE Scholarship Exam is to award financial assistance and empowering the students coming from backward communities of the society. These basically include scheduled tribe, scheduled caste, various other minority and nomadic tribes of the state of Maharashtra. The exam is being organized by two types – Pre-Upper Primary Scholarship Examination (PUP)- Class 5th and Pre-Secondary Scholarship Examination (PSP)- Class 8th students.

Maharashtra State Council of Education (MSCE) usually conducts the Scholarship Exam in the months of January or February. Due to the sudden rise in the cases of Coronavirus in the months of January and February the Maharashtra State Council of Education (MSCE) had to push the dates for Scholarship Exam forward. As per the latest developments and decline in the number of COVID cases the exam is likely to be scheduled in the month of June. The official declaration will be done soon. You can visit the website www.mscepuppss.in for regular updates. The students who have still not registered for the exam will get a chance to register as the Maharashtra State Council of Education (MSCE) is planning to open the registration for seven days next month.

Syllabus for Class 5 Scholarship Exam-

Mathematics (Topic wise Weightage):

Number Work (12%), Operations on numbers (20%), Fractions (14%), Measurement/Mensuration (20%), Applied Mathematics (16%), Geometry (14%). Pictographs (4%)

Intelligence Test

Comprehension (08%), Classification (10%), Number order (10%), Logic and Inference (12%), Image (Water Image, Mirror Image) (08%), Co-relation (10%). Pictographs (4%), Puzzles (16%), Like Terms (10%), Symbolic Language (Symbol) (08%), Special Questions or Important Questions (04%).


Vocabulary (16 %), Word Games (08%), Grammar (24%), Language Study (04%), Creative writing (16%), Reading skills (Comprehension) (24%), Miscellaneous (08%).


आकलन (२४%), शब्दसंपत्ती (४४%), कार्यात्मक व्याकरण (२४%), १ ली ते ५ वी मराठी (सुलभभारती) विषयांशी संबंधित सामान्यज्ञान (०८%)

Syllabus for Class 8th Scholarship Exam-

Mathematics (Topic wise Weightage):

Number Work (06%), Operations on numbers (14%), Geometry (20%), Mensuration (20%), Statistics (06%), Applied Mathematics (16%), Algebra (18%)

Intelligence Test

Comprehension (10%), Classification (10%), Correlation (10%), Series (order)(12%), Code Language(06%), Rhythm and Sequence(10%), Pyramids(06%), Reflection/ Image(06%), Logic and Conclusion(12%), Puzzles and Brain Teasers(12%), Analysis of Figure (10%)


Vocabulary (12%), Word Puzzles Riddles (04%), Language Study (16%), Grammar (16%), Creative writing (24%), Reading skills (comprehension) (24%), Miscellaneous (Loan Words) (04%)


आकलन (२४%), शब्दसंपत्ती (३६%), कार्यात्मक व्याकरण (३२%), १ ली ते ८ वी मराठी विषयांशी संबंधित सामान्यज्ञान (०८%)


1. Keep your surroundings Organized

The first step to prepare for the scholarship exam is to organize the surrounding in a way that it motivates you to study. If you have a study table, organize it with all the essentials like books, a supply of stationary and a clock. In addition, ask your parents to install a few extra lights in the room that lacks light. A dimly lit room will make you feel sleepy and gloomy while distracting you from studies. Also, make sure the chair you are using while studying is designed with sheer comfort. Get rid of all the distractions and focus on the tasks in hand.

2. Practice through previous year papers

One of the best ways to improve your time to solve papers is by practicing through previous year papers. Previous year papers not only help you to get familiar with the exam pattern but also make you familiar with the format of questions. Make these previous year papers, the backbone of your preparation.

3. Manage your time Effectively

Preparing for a scholarship exam can be quite tiresome. You not only have to study for the scholarship exam but also for school. If you manage your time effectively, you will be able to create a perfect balance between the two. With a structured approach, you will get the maximum out of the time that you have.

4. Focus on areas of improvement

When preparing for a scholarship, it’s time that you work hard on your weaknesses and turn them into your strength.

The most important thing is to focus on the preparation and stop worrying about the scholarship and its result. Learn and prepare to give your best on the final examination day. Then, you will certainly get over this. Just do not think about it as a free mind is able to do a lot more than the one full of worries.