How to Make the Best Out of Last Month Preparation of IIT JEE Advanced Exam 2021?

Cracking your IIT JEE Advanced exams to get into some of the top institutes across India, is a tough challenge. To ensure that your journey is a tad stress-free and a lot easier, we know just the right kind of tools to equip with. If you’re wondering how to crack IIT JEE all by yourself, remember that it’s always better to entrust your studies and progress with an institute that can guarantee you success. So, if you’re on the lookout to crack IIT JEE in 30 days, or even two years, Tutoratti is your best bet for the preparation of IIT JEE Advanced 2021! Tutoratti is one of the best IIT and JEE coaching classes in Pune which provides you with concise and detailed study material for IIT and JEE.

Every other year, we come across candidates with a lot of queries on how to make use of this time to extract the best out of the minimum amount of time left particularly by  12th class students since they just appeared for Board exams which definitely consumed a lot of their time and energy. Thus, we bring you this piece of writing so that most number of students can get benefit and prepare competently for the impending IIT JEE Advanced exam. Here are some important points which could be used for better preparation.

Identify the Exam Pattern:

Make sure that you are very well acquainted with the syllabus and exam pattern of IIT JEE Advanced. Stick to the course outline and understand how many questions carrying how many marks is to be attempted in the stipulated time. Many students have a tendency to plan beyond the scope of the curriculum which won’t be of much help at this point of time. Following the set curriculum is enough to crack the exam, therefore, don’t waste your time and energy studying needless topics.

Have a Revision Book:

  • Divide the book in 3 parts: Physics, Chemistry and Math.
  • For every topic, note down 2-3 pages of summary. You should note all the major formulas and important points which you have marked down in the class.
  • Try to be as precise as you can while you are writing. In some cases, you may be writing 4-5 pages of summary (especially in Chemistry and Physics).
  • The purpose of this book is to revise quickly and resourcefully in lesser time. Also, you should have assurance in whatever summary you are making. You should not be running back and forth to your class copies and chapters while you are revising from this copy otherwise you will never be able to rely on this which will defeat the whole objective.

Technology Helps:

If likely, record all the significant points (noted in the revision book) in your own voice on your phone or on any other device. It is not suggested to speak out whole tons of formulas. Record just the important concepts. You can listen to them whenever you are travelling for your class or anytime between your breaks. This will keep you engaged and you will soon remember most of them. Don’t worry if you can’t do this. You still have your revision copy. Take advantage of the online tests at Tutoratti mock test and online studying platform to make the best out of it.

Set Your Alarm Clock:

It is very important for a student appearing for a big exam to start working on their physical health. A lot of students who aren’t able to deliver their best performance in the exams suffer from “Night Study” syndrome. It is imperative to build the habit of waking up early and also feeling sufficiently rested. Whenever you are studying, it is advisable to use a table and a chair instead of a bed or a sofa. You should be in a tidy position every time you sit for studies.

Practice Practice Practice:

Practice is a must in this crucial period of last month. There’s a list of things that you can practice.

  • Ensure that you solve at least one test paper daily.
  • Previous years’ test papers. (Minimum 8)
  • Mock online papers available on the website of Tutoratti.

The whole idea is to build habit of attempting at least one test paper daily. It is suggested to practice the ones which you are getting from your institutes or from online resources. Tutoratti has the best study material for IIT JEE along with online test papers.

In the end, all that matters are your confidence and positive attitude which is going to help you crack all the exams. You can still study for a 400 hours in this time period and we have seen a lot of students doing exceptionally good and bad in entrance exams all attributed to their efforts in this crucial time period.

There is a saying “Nothing is Impossible” as it seems impossible until done.

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