The NEET’s Are Coming, And Here Are The Government Guidelines You Must Know!

Now that we are all set to give our 2020 NEET attempt, we want you to go to your examination centers without any doubts or concerns. To help you prep for your final day, we are filling you in on all the details you need to know while sitting for your exam. Be sure to go through these Government Guidelines, now that you just have two days to go!

1. Follow the Dress Code: Wear light clothes with half sleeves, since long sleeves are strictly prohibited. Wear sandals or flats without thick soles. It is advised that candidates who need to wear cultural/customary dress reach the examination center at least one hour before the reporting time to help in proper frisking. This is to avoid any inconvenience to the candidates and at the same time maintain the sanctity of the examination.

 In addition to the regular NEET rules and regulations for dress code, candidates are now required to wear a mask and gloves, a new set of which will be provided to you at the center.

2. Be Timely: Enter the Exam Hall before 1:15 PM, at any cost.

3. Keep in mind the barred possessions: Refrain from taking stationary, printed papers, geometry boxes, communication devices, accessories, belts, and ornaments.

4. Keep these with you: Do not forget your admit card, valid ID, PWD certificate (if applicable), and a passport-sized photograph. As part of the rules and regulations of NEET 2020, no changes should be made in the photograph uploaded while filling the application form and the one affixed on the admit card.

5. Keep to Yourself: Candidates are advised not to talk to any other candidate inside the examination hall or assist in any kind of malpractice as these will be strictly or if need be legally dealt with.

6. Do Not Tamper: NEET 2020 exam is a pen paper-based test, hence, candidates are advised to not tear any page from the answer booklet, as they will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the same.

7. Don’t worry about your health: The government has equipped all centers and invigilators with Standard Operating Procedures to curb the spread of Coronavirus. To give you a breather on that front, we have also included the government’s guidelines for the centres you’d be going to on Sunday.

The guidelines that need to be followed by centers for exams during COVID

  1. Only examination centers outside containment zones will be allowed to function.
  1. Examinees for containment zones should either take examinations on a later date or take it through other means.
  2. Universities must plan examinations in a staggered manner.
  1. Centers must have adequate room capacity to ensure proper seating arrangement.
  1. Face covers, masks, sanitizers, soaps need to be made available to staff, students, and invigilators.
  1. Exam functions and students need to submit self-declaration about health status at the entrance to the exam center.
  1. Students must be given prior information on what must be carried to exams.

Invigilators must be briefed on the COVID conduct of exams.

  1. Posters and standees on preventive measures of COVID must be displayed.
  1. Centers must have a designated isolation room for anyone found symptomatic at the time of screening or conduct of examinations.
  1. All equipment must be sanitized.
  1. Adequate manpower needs to be deployed by the institution for document verification, recording of attendance, and maintaining discipline.

So stay safe, stay healthy, and ace your NEET! All the very best!