How To Write The Perfect Answers in Your 10th Boards

A stressful time in each student’s life, the 10th boards are crucial in setting the tone for the rest of your career. This being said, while you have to make sure that you score well, you should try doing it via means of smart-work and not excessively hard-work. The more stress you take, the worse everything might end up going. So be it your SSC board 10th or CBSE 10th Board, learn how to tactfully answer questions for better marks!

As and when you get closer to giving your 10th boards, you might feel the need to get into a coaching class or test series to get you fully prepped for your SSC board 10th! Apart from your usual self-studies, you might just need an extra push in a few subjects or topics. One such excellent institution that can provide both, online and offline coaching, along with some of the best tips and tricks to ace your CBSE 10th Board is Tutoratti. If you are looking at planning ahead, you can pay us a visit to any one of our centers in Maharashtra at Pune (Sinhagad Road, Kondhwa, Aundh, Camp, and Kothrud), Pimpri Chinchwad, Raigad-Panvel and Navi Mumbai-Kharghar.

So, now that you have picked up the pace as far as completing your syllabus is concerned, let’s take a look at what set of tricks you need to write the best answers for all your papers in the 10th boards!

Map Your Questions

As soon as you get your question paper, invest your reading time to start mapping out the points for your answer. If you’re allowed to jot down a few points on your question paper, start doing it as you read each question. If not, make a map of the pointers within your mind. This will help you translate your thoughts onto the answer sheet as soon as you get it!

Quit Lengthy Paragraphs

When you give your SSC board 10th, remember that there needs to be a certain fluidity in the way you write your paper. Keep in mind that the examiner who will be checking your answers has been through truck-loads of other papers and might be extremely tired. To ease his/her work a little, make sure you write your answer in points, rather than stuffing your sheet with lengthy paragraphs that are not pleasing to the eyes. Write your answers by dividing them into accurate points with clear headlines or sub-heads to enhance readability as well as the core scoring points.

Refer To Answer Sheets

It always helps to understand certain things with live examples. When you get closer to writing your CBSE 10th Board make sure that you refer to a few answer sheets written by your high-ranking seniors. These can be prelim answer sheets too. If at all you don’t get access to either of these, try contacting your coaching classes or download them online. Take a look at a few of these answer sheets and pick up certain stylistic references on how you can accommodate these pointers in your own answers.

Create Your Own Flow

Once you get the question paper in your hands, go ahead and prioritize your questions. Mark the questions you are extremely confident about and write them first. This will help you set a confident tone to your answer sheet from the very beginning. As far as the rest of the questions are concerned, you might not feel as confident about them, which is why the extra time to think can help out.

Make Use of Pictoral Representations

Filling out your 10th boards papers shouldn’t just be limited to text. Get creative by supplementing your textual answers with diagrams, graphs, tables, or even flow-charts. Keeping your time limits in mind, craft scoring answers through a blend of text and diagrams in a few cases here and there. This will give your examiner a much-needed respite from reading extensive texts, further making it clear that you have your concepts in place.

Revise and re-visit

Revising an answer is of the utmost importance. This doesn’t just help you figure out whether the answer is missing anything but also lets you correct mistakes if there are any. Always ensure that you keep ample space after an answer before you move on with the next one. This will give you the scope to add a few important things later if at all you miss out on anything. Always start a new answer on the next fresh page.

Proactively use all these tips right from the moment you start solving your sample papers so that you can form a habit that can culminate with your final CBSE 10th Board. For additional help and guidance regarding your syllabus, make sure you browse through our plethora of blogs on the Tutoratti website! All the best!