Want To Get An MBBS, But Don’t Want To Practice As A Doctor? Here Are The Alternative Career Choices!

This may come as a shock to mist students, especially those preparing for their NEET exams, but after MBBS, and even an MD, there are loads of other career options you can take a look at and even possibly pursue, other than practicing as a doctor in a clinic or a hospital. If you are all set to give your NEET exams, in 2021, your ultimate goal will definitely be getting into one of the top educational institutes in the country, and it will also open up millions of possible career avenues that are both challenging, and rewarding!

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So, without any further ado, let’s look at a bunch of alternate career choices you can freely pick out from, in order to excel in your medical career, apart from the obvious practitioning.


Ever had a favourite teacher who inspired you towards becoming a doctor? Well, as  a teacher you’d be able to make an impact in numerous such lives, especially in the glorious field of medicine. Medical education is one of the best career paths you can choose after MBBS. With a teaching career, you can always be in touch with your medical world along with many other things. You can support trainee medical students or doctors, educating the public, be it in your home country or abroad. It can earn you a handsome amount as well for your expertise.

Public Health Worker

The noblest of career alternatives, public health is about promoting and protecting the health of the general population. It is one of the most challenging and honorable jobs since you might work on preventing the spread of infectious diseases or environmental health hazards and work with your government on many crucial projects on saving millions of lives. You could also be involved in strategies to improve the accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness of your health service.

Hospital Administrator

If entrepreneurship is up your alley, this is the career for you! One of the most lucrative career alternatives after MBBS is to get into the hospital Administration. The administrative jobs are the long-standing options for doctors, especially for the senior and elder doctors. It’s a fact that clinical experience makes doctors better administrators as they understand the health system inside out thus enhancing the hospital’s credibility.To overcome the challenge of a lack of business acumen, many doctors are opting for this alternative career and taking up business courses and pursuing an MBA (maybe MBA in healthcare management) in an attempt to position themselves for the role of a hospital administrator.

Medical Writer

Journalism itself is a very wide field, but those with scientific & medical credentials and have adequate experience have the edge over the vast majority of journalists who come mostly from other social science backgrounds.

As a medical writer, you can work in academia, industry (medical devices, pharmaceuticals, etc.), news organizations, government, or for yourself. You can write manuscripts, reports on clinical trials, news articles, regulatory submissions, meeting abstracts, patient education materials, and even slide decks. So, if you have a knack for writing, this profession is for you!

Forensic Examiner

Fan of thrilling crime dramas? After completion of your MBBS course, you can take up this interesting route to become a Clinical Forensic Medical Examiner. Their role is to deal with examining the living and forensic pathologists are trained to carry out medical examinations on the dead, especially in the case of criminal investigations and such!

Medical Research

If you have an inquiring man that keeps seeking answers to questions, research is your best bet. The medical research field is a dynamic one that is constantly developing. Those who conduct experiments and analyze results to learn more about the human body and potential treatments are medical researchers. The researchers are often required to work in the pharmaceutical industry, academia, hospital labs, and research institutes. They formulate new drugs and clinical approaches via focused research and analysis. Translational Medicine or Translational Research is a great career path for MBBS graduates who wish to combine lab/bench research and clinical duties.

Medico-Legal Advisor

This field is quite demanding as they deal with the legal angle of the medical cases. This is a highly paid alternative career option for those interested in a medico-legal career. They may even require attending court trials, running workshops as well as holding lectures, and writing articles regarding the same.

Sports Medicine

Nowadays, a career in sports medicine is another one of the most sought after careers because of their dynamic and high profile client base which also includes regular travel abroad. The sports doctor’s career can earn you the best salary amongst all other competitive careers.

Public Services

Administrative jobs, especially in the field of medicine are the most sought after. Cracking the UPSC exam after you are done with your MBBS, may seem like a tough ordeal, but is an immensely rewarding one to consider.

Genetic Counselor

A genetic counselor is a specialist healthcare professional that evaluates and understands a family’s risk of inherited genetic conditions. It’s their job to communicate the likelihood of genetic disorders being passed on, as well as explaining the effects and long-term consequences of living with a genetic condition. They then help families decide on any future actions.

These are some of the many great career choices you can resort to, in case you don’t want to get into regular medical practice! For more tips and tricks on how to successfully crack your NEET exam, do read our other blogs as well!