Online Education in India- Bite-Sized Learning: How it Helps and What it Means!

With the entire country going into lockdown from the early months of 2020, students across India have taken to online education! Be it schools, classes, or coaching, online education has come out to be one of the most promising modes of studying, especially due to its myriad of advantages. One such amazing advantage of online education in India, and in fact, all over the world is “bite-sized learning”. If you are unaware of this term or you know what it is but aren’t aware of its benefits, this blog is going to give you a complete overview of this beneficial trend.

First things first, having the right educational partner is extremely crucial when it comes to online learning. At Tutoratti, we believe that online coaching should be made extremely personalized and affordable since it is all set to be the next big thing in the country.  Our personalized online sessions, effective learning material, and experienced educators, all contribute to an exceptional online coaching experience that you can be a part of. Coaching JEE, NEET, CET, 10th and 12 Boards students for years together, at in Maharashtra at Pune (Sinhagad Road, Kondhwa, Aundh, Camp, and Kothrud), Pimpri Chinchwad, Raigad-Panvel, and Navi Mumbai-Kharghar.

So, what is Bite-Sized learning?

The concept of bite-sized learning is simple. Instead of delivering training over a continuous course, you break it into bite-size chunks so learners can easily fit it into a vacant time slot in their busy daily schedules. This is exactly similar to what we do at Tutoratti. With our online videos, visual learning is enabled via short, bite-sized videos that are meant to hold attention better, and can be easily fit into your daily timetable, without having to play videos for hours at a stretch.

What’s great about bite-sized e-learning is that it addresses the problem of the modern, distracted learner. It does this by allowing learners to view training in manageable chunks that they can fit around their busy lives, meaning they can have a series of highly focused training bursts with minimal interruption and distraction. Learners can easily schedule these smaller, bite-sized learning chunks into available time slots in their busy calendar when they can give their full attention to it.

This is a more effective way of learning in the modern age. Research suggests that distributed/bite-size learning delivered by e-learning can increase information transfer by 17 percent and results in greater understanding, application and retention than a day-long equivalent. Cost-wise, it can prove to be up to 30 percent cheaper, making our fees a lot more affordable for students!

Now that we know what bite-sized learning is, let’s turn to its advantages!

The benefits of Bite-Sized Learning

The Faster, The Better

Bite-size courses are simply faster and therefore better in grabbing the right kind of attention that helps students in grasping a concept. Because the bite-size model provides a narrow and deep approach to each topic it’s easier to access the specific training at the time it is needed.

Simplified Structures

Via bite-sized learning, tough and lengthy concepts can be broken down into manageable chunks that are easy to digest and apply to daily, visual situations. A “menu” of bite-size courses can be used to create a larger topic containing a series of short courses over a longer period of time, rather than covering the material in a 3-day span.

Bite-sized learning enables students to access training in a way that feels comfortable to their different learning styles, whether that’s watching a 2-minute how-to video, reading a short article or completing an exercise.

Fluency and Effectiveness

The short course format requires the teachers and producers to be highly selective; only the best models and exercises make the grade to achieve the learning objectives and avoid wasting precious time.

Bite-size courses are thus a lot more fast-paced and interactive. Courses are packed with exercises that involve the learner and stories which grab people’s attention in a way that a screen or PowerPoint can’t. With over 6 years of experience, we have learned that students are simply better at understanding and remembering information recounted in a narrative form.

No Barriers, Instant Revision

It also makes it easier to refresh a learner’s understanding of a concept they may have forgotten without having to search through an entire training module for a single section.

This type of content delivery is enabled by the proliferation of mobile devices, where learners can access training from anywhere, at any time. Because learning can happen anywhere — not just in the classroom — continuous development can become routine.

With these trends and a whole bunch of benefits of online education, it is truly time to make the switch! To have a truly fruitful online education course that helps you ace your boards and competitive exams, get in touch with us now!