MHT-CET 2021 Subject Wise Study Tips and Techniques

If you’ve been residing in Maharashtra for quite some time now, you might be aware of the MHT-CET exam, otherwise known as the Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test. Once you step into the science stream, or even when you’re in school- if you’re inclined towards pursuing a career in Engineering or Pharmacy, within the state of Maharashtra, this exam is for you!

Everyone in the family who is older than you are going to suggest or most probably is suggesting to study with a timetable and with a strategy but nobody is going to give you one. This is where we come to rescue all the students. In this article, we are providing tips and techniques to study subject-wise.

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Here are the Tips and Techniques to Subject Wise Studying:

PHYSICS – To solve numerical problems at a go, your basics need to be absolutely clear. Whenever you start a topic, read it slowly and thoroughly. Later, have a look at some solved examples to understand the application of concepts.

After getting the hang of the concepts attempt the formula based concepts and then jump on to complicated numerical problems. A month before the actual exam, take as many mock tests as possible to improve your speed and accuracy in solving numerical problems.

Note down important concepts and topics from the syllabus.

For example- Force, Scalars and Vectors, Friction in Solids and Liquids, Refraction of Light, Magnetism, Ray Optics are considered to be important chapters from Grade 11. And, Waves and Sound, Electrostatics, Current Electricity and Rotational Motion are important topics from Grade 12.

Make sure to create a different section for each topic to avoid confusion during revision.

CHEMISTRY – Chemistry is a little tricky subject to master. You need to a slightly different approach to understand different parts of Chemistry. It is imperative to completely understand the mechanisms of a chemical reaction. Do not try to memorize a reaction as it will lead you nowhere. You may end up making more mistakes than you would normally do.

Make an effort to understand and master the nitty gritties of chemistry which will eventually be beneficial while formulating a chemical reaction. A key to learning and studying chemistry is practice. Solving practice problems, equations and working formulae, etc. should be a core feature of your routine.  Challenge your understanding and knowledge of chemistry by reviewing and working the practice problems found on sample chemistry tests, as well as problems found on previous chemistry tests.

USE FLASHCARDS – Flashcards are nothing new, but they work. They are particularly useful for studying chemistry. Chemistry is full of scientific symbols, formulae and vocabulary that must be memorized and interpreted correctly. Flashcards are ideal for organizing and studying chemical symbols, formulae, and vocabulary – including the periodic table of elements. Once you’ve created an organized set of flashcards you’ll find memorizing easier.

When studying chemistry, break the material down into smaller pieces that you can master. Even though this may seem at times to be slow and tedious, it will help you actually learn what you’re studying. Once you’ve mastered one concept, move on to the next. You’ll be surprised to find that after you really understand a few of the smaller concepts well, it will become much easier to learn and master larger concepts. Make a note of important topics while revising. Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetics, p-Block Elements – Group 15 To 18, Coordination Compounds, d and f Block Elements and Chemical Kinetics are considered important.

MATH – Math can be a polarizing subject: the rigid formulas and complex problem-solving of mathematics are loved by some and loathed by others. But whether you love it or hate it, everyone needs to learn math at some point. There are many ways to learn math – in school or our online coaching platform Tutoratti.

Here are some easy ways to do fast calculations which will be helpful while solving a paper with a time constraint.

  1. Multiply Faster – One method is remembering that 5 is 10 divided by 2 when multiplying by the powers of 5. In this case, a complicated multiplication like 48 x 5 can be made easier and faster by multiplying by 48 x 10 (simply adding a 0 to make 480) and dividing by 2. It is also useful to remember that every multiplication has a “twin”: for example, if you are struggling with 7×4, try working it out as 4×7, which may be easier to remember. Subtracting and adding to squares (i.e. multiplying a number by itself) can be a helpful tool for faster multiplication too. When it comes to multiplying by 9, the best trick to use is to actually multiply by 10 and then subtract one group of the number you are multiplying by. For 9×8 for example, try 10×8 which is 80. 80 minus 8 gives 72, which is the answer to 9×8.
  2. Solving a Math problem fast – When you are faced with a mathematical problem, you should write it down. Seeing the problem written down will speed up the process of solving it vs. doing it in your head, as it will allow you to recognize the type of problem and what formulae you have to use to solve it. Memorizing important multiplication shortcuts and factoring also come in handy when trying to solve equations quickly. Don’t hesitate to use a calculator for tedious calculations and remember that practice makes perfect, meaning that the more time you spend practicing, the quicker you will become when solving math problems.
  3. Online Coaching – Tutoratti with the best and experienced faculty guides you through all your doubts and makes sure you are at the right place before you enter the exam hall.

BIOLOGY –  Biology in an optional subject in MHT-CET. Students who want to build a career in Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Microbiology opt to appear for Biology. Here are few techniques which could be useful for preparation of the subject.

  • Study to Understand – When going through the study material, focus on the topics that your teacher has marked as the most important and which is likely to appear on exams.  are the things that have been emphasized in lecture and in assigned readings.
  • Understand the terminology – The hardest part of studying biology is memorizing different terms. If you want to master what you are reading, you need to familiarize yourself with all these terms first. Great method for this is to break down the complex word and identify its root. It is recommended that whenever you come across such unfamiliar words you should take note of them, find its meaning and then take the time to understand its roots.
  • Learning from diagrams – Sketching a diagram is an easier way to grasp a concept than just reading or memorizing it. If you have understood the concept clearly, you should be able to sketch the entire process and label it correctly.
  • Set a specific time for studying Biology – For many students Biology can be a difficult subject to understand, you must put an extra effort to master it. Setting aside time to study, you will get in a habit of studying the subject frequently. Even if you plan out 20 minutes of your day, you will see yourself getting a hold on the subject in no time.
  • Go through old exam papers – If you have an access to old exam papers of previous years, attempt the test to understand the format and type of questions that may arise in the actual test.

To conclude, as the pandemic still upon us, make sure to take enough rest to relax your brain. Choose home cooked food over outside eatables. And stay focused to hit the target.