Last Month Preparation Tips For JEE: How To Make The Most Out of Your Final Days Before The Exam

Last Month Preparation Tips For JEE: How To Make The Most Out of Your Final Days Before The Exam

The pressure is on and the days left are little. In such a scenario, smart work is what you need! Every JEE aspirant goes through this final month worth of stress right before the mains or the advanced exams, but with the best preparation tips for IIT JEE, there’s no way you can go wrong. To give you this very confidence, we have formulated a few mantras that you can apply to your final days of JEE prep! So go ahead and use these preparation tips for JEE advanced, as and when you start getting closer to the D-Day!

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Dive Into The Best Preparation Tips for IIT JEE!

Without further ado let’s plunge into applying some of the absolute beneficial tips on how to ace your last month of JEE preparations!

The Multiple Subject Approach

Now that you just have one month to go, you might have to put in a few extra hours each day. Out of the few best study tips for IIT JEE preparation, it is a great idea to divide your daily study time between all your subjects. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, accommodate at least 2 hours each for Math, Physics, and Chemistry, instead of doing one subject per day. This will help you gain a full-fledged approach instead of compromising on a subject.

The Rush Hour

At this point, if you still have a few topics remaining to study, learn to prioritize, without letting go of your revision routine. In the last month, you absolutely must get to revision and paper solving, come what may. This being said, if you have any portion remaining, don’t waste your entire day in it. Pair your revision and mock test solving with these bits and pieces of your untouched syllabus for a 360-degree approach!

Don’t Just Give Tests, Assess Them

The best way to make the most out of your last month of preparation is to give as many tests as you can by joining a befitting online or offline test series. One of the best preparation tips for IIT JEE is to sign up for a series of tests with the additional perks of being able to understand and go through their assessments. Reading answer keys extensively will benefit you in understanding where you might have gone wrong and how you could do better. This method also gives you clarity in understanding the concepts that you might have gotten wrong or missed out on.

Go Back To Your Weakness

Another preparation tip for JEE advanced and mains is to analyze your weaker topics and pointers so that you can focus on sharpening them in the last month, Remember that while you are doing your regular preparation, don’t sit and dwell on something you find difficult. Use the last month for revision and spare ample time to learn and grasp the concepts that you are weak. Try contacting your teachers or coaching classes or get help from a friend. Visual cues may also be able to help you better, so get searching for any video aids you can use to better yourself at these few weaknesses.

Go Through The Important Chapters

Apart from a thorough revision and constant test solving, make sure you revisit all-important chapters. Read a few blogs or ask your teachers and friends about what the most important topics are and get to the grind. Once you have a strong hand at these topics, you might have a stellar chance at scoring really well in the exams. Always know what kind of topics might fall in this important category. If you need a few insights on this, be sure to browse our blogs!

A few of these topics are listed below:


Wave Optics
Photoelectric Effect and Electromagnetic Waves
Heat Transfer
Laws of Thermodynamics
Ray Optics
Unit and Dimension
Semiconductors and Communication system


Chemical Kinetics
Atomic Structure
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
Nuclear and Surface Chemistry
Coordination Compound
d and f Block Elements
Gaseous and Liquid State


Determinant and Matrices
Straight Line
3-Dimensional Geometry
Sequence and Series

Now that you know a few of the best preparation tips for JEE advanced, go ahead and up your game these last few days, as the countdown begins! To get on board with us for the last few days or take our test series for a better JEE prep, visit