JEE Main Preparation Tips for Maths: Top Tips on How To Prepare

Scary, yet scoring, Maths is one subject you absolutely cannot take lightly during your JEE prep. Even though some parts of it might seem incredibly daunting, math is known to be a savior for students who crack their JEE mains, especially since the entire portion is exceptionally scoring. To help you ace this topic and secure the maximum number of marks, here are the top JEE Main preparation tips for maths! If at all you’re at the tail-end of your prep there are a few maths for JEE advanced last-minute tips that can also work wonders for you, so get reading!

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So without any further ado, let’s take a look at the best JEE Main preparation tips for maths!

Find The Best Content

Yes, your NCERT textbook is your bible, but you have to refer to other material to perfect your concepts and get adequate problem-solving practice! It is important to study from a book that explains the theory really well and solve problems from a book that has a collection of good quality problems.

If you’re solving problems from a good book, solve all the problems on that topic. Solving partial exercises from multiple books is highly discouraged. This is because you need to be exposed to the entire range of questions for that topic.

Some books that you can completely rely on include:

  • RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 11
  • RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 12
  • Arihant Differential Calculus
  • Arihant Integral Calculus
  • Arihant Algebra
  • Arihant Vector and 3D Geometry
  • Arihant Trigonometry
  • Coordinate Geometry for JEE Main & Advanced by S K Goyal
  • TMH Mathematics
  • IIT Mathematics for JEE Main and Advanced by ML Khanna

Smart Problem-Solving

The best JEE problem-solving tips for maths are crucial at helping you get each and every sum right, one after the other. To be able to succeed at problem-solving make sure you:

  • Solve at least 20 maths problems daily.
  • Try to solve each problem in a suitable time frame, and then try to reduce the time duration for further similar problems.
  • When you solve a problem, label it as ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’. The label ‘A’ means that the problem is very simple and doesn’t need to be looked at, at the time of revision. The label ‘B’ means that you found the problem to be a bit hard but you could do it after putting insufficient efforts. The label ‘C’ means that the problem was very challenging and couldn’t be solved by you. At the time of the revision, first, revise problems labeled ‘C’ and then the problems labeled ‘B’.
  • Analyze your mistakes and don’t repeat them. Notice the topics that you find hard or slow you down. Focus more on these topics.
  • Do not quit until you have achieved your target for the day, i.e., you have solved all the questions that you had planned to solve on that day.

Draft Your Own Formula Book

Formulas are everything! One of the best maths for JEE advanced last-minute tips is to quickly keep referring to a book that has all the important formulas jotted down as and when you study each one of them so that you won’t have to waste time at the last moment, shuffling through the pages in your textbook.

Make a notebook where you write down all the formulae that you come across during your JEE preparation. This formula book that you make is of great importance. Revise these formulae periodically, preferably every weekend, and obviously during your final revision.

Practice Papers With Each Day!

Solving two to three model questions papers will help you a lot as it will help you manage your time better and get your rhythm going. But, don’t overburden yourself as you have two other subjects as well. You should give adequate time to all.

And there you have it, some of the best JEE Main preparation tips for maths that can help you pass with flying colors! For more such interesting and inspiring blogs, be sure to browse through our website! So, start your journey towards success with the right inputs and teachings surrounding your JEE mains syllabus. For more information about our online coaching, visit the Tutoratti website, or call us on  +91-8484818247.