Important topics for JEE Maths: The Most Crucial Topics For You To Prepare

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Your JEE preparations might be well underway, or you might just be starting off. But no matter which point of your prep you are at, it’s always wise to know what the most important topics of Maths for JEE Mains are! Yes, math is one of the most crucial subjects, and might also be the most intimidating. This being said, math is also one of the most scoring of subjects that can help you crack the exam, if you’re adept at all the crucial topics you need to know. So hang in there and get ready to dig into your books as soon as we’re done with this blog, cause here are some of the most important topics for JEE mains 2020 maths.

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Although maths can really seem like a tough nut to crack, here’s how to make things a lot easier by focusing a tad bit more on the following topics that are considered important topics of Maths for JEE Mains!

Statistics- Let’s start with the easiest first. Simple and data-driven, Statistics focuses on simple questions like finding variance, etc., from the data given. The topic is one of the important topics in maths for jee mains because it is easy and around 1-2 questions can be put in the paper from this topic. Perfecting yourself in this area can help you garner a few quick and easy marks with confidence.

Trigonometry- The application of Trigonometric concepts is crucial at solving numerous questions in the paper. Although there is no certainty about the presence of questions in the paper from this section, it helps to perfect the fundamentals as it stands as a base for numerous important topics of maths for JEE Advanced.

Limits, Continuity, and Differentiability- Another all-important topic for your math section in JEE Mains, this vast concept consists of many topics that are slightly tougher to understand and interpret. Try focusing on this one for longer and get it cleared from your tutor or teacher.

Sets and Functions- A foundation for almost three to four allied topics in your math section of JEE Mains, make sure you don’t skip out on Sets and Functions. Numerous application based questions may not be directly linked to this topic, but will require you to apply the concepts.

Calculus- The undeniably crucial topic in any JEE Main question paper, under the math section, Calculus stands as the ultimate must-do topic and can easily get your 12-16 marks if your concepts are good. Every year at least 3-4 questions are put up from this topic and there are cases when around 8 out of 30 questions are based on calculus. But calculus is not a chapter in itself it is a combination of several topics, which you need to understand to the absolute core.

Sequence and Series- With each passing year, JEE exams feature at least 1-2 questions that fall under sequences and series. Ranging from a mid to high level of complexity, these questions are slightly time-consuming, so get learning this important topic of maths for JEE Advanced.

Matrices and Determinants- An easy-scoring topic that can be solved fast with some great tricks, this is another important topic for JEE mains 2020 maths. Around 2 questions from this particular segment are asked every year, on average.

Integration- A lot more challenging compared to calculus, especially due to the variety of questions it can pose in the paper, you absolutely must be well-versed with every integration formula that exists in your syllabus.

Based on a few observations over the past few years, here is a table that shows the weightage given to each of your Math topics, in the final paper.

Name of chapterNo of questions
Relations and Functions1
Matrices and Determinants3
Mathematical Reasoning1
Continuity and Differentiability2
Vector and 3-D Geometry3
Trigonometry 3
Limits and differentiation1
Co-ordinate Geometry3
Sequence and series
Complex Number2
Permutation and combination1

So, start your journey towards success with the right inputs and teachings surrounding important topic for JEE mains 2020 maths. For more information about our online coaching, visit the Tutoratti website, or call us on +91-8484818247.