How To Solve MCQ Tests like a pro: Tips on How To Ace MCQ-Based Exams

Be it JEE, NEET, UPSC, NET, or CET, all prospective entrance tests are primarily based on Multiple Choice Questions these days. Seemingly easier in their approach, these MCQ tests are a lot tougher than you’d think! Unlike your long answer subjective questions, MCQ’s are either a hit or a miss, no step marks involved. This being said, knowing how to tactfully solve testing MCQ questions is extremely crucial in exams that have negative marking schemes. To ease your worries a little and put you on the right track, here are some of the best MCQ test tips you need to know!

If you are all set to give competitive exams that are to help you get closer to your goals, it is crucial to be guided by someone. Be is an MCQ test or tests that require long answers, Tutoratti is one such institute that guides you the right way, with the right tools and educators! A NEET biology MCQ test or a JEE Mains test, both need excessive learning and processing of information, which in fact, requires a lot of effort, problem-solving, and practice. To target all these pointers like a pro, visit Tutoratti at any of our centers in Maharashtra at Pune (Sinhagad Road, Kondhwa, Aundh, Camp, and Kothrud), Pimpri Chinchwad, Raigad-Panvel and Navi Mumbai-Kharghar.

So, now that we really want to give it our best at any testing MCQ questions, let’s look at how we can hack these MCQ’s with some smart tips!

Don’t Rush: Your MCQ Test Demands Attention

Yes, we know the clock is ticking, but that’s the catch. Although choosing an answer and moving on seems easy, these MCQ Tests are not a cakewalk. Extremely trick in their nature, the options that are given to you solely depend on how twisted the questions are. Read each and every question carefully, maybe even twice or thrice. This will help you figure out the tiniest details of the question before you attempt the answer. Watch out for words like ‘Pick the incorrect answer’, ‘Choose Which Statement is True’, ‘Pick the Smallest Amount’ etc.

This being said, don’t stress over each question and ponder upon it for long, read what’s already mentioned, don’t indulge in deeper thoughts about the nature of the question!

Eliminate As You Go!

The golden rule of guessing the right answer is to first eliminate the wrong ones. If you are confused about the exact answer in your NEET biology MCQ test, go ahead and eliminate the wrong ones first. Once you narrow down your choices, give it a thought and let your mind jog back to the time you were prepping this topic a while back! Now, redirect and choose which one seems the most befitting as per what you have learned, and there you have it- the smart and all-important process of elimination in any MCQ test!

Be On Your Toes!

Exams like NEET and JEE are meant to test your aptitude for smartness and alertness. This is primarily why, no matter the subject, the MCQ options are really close to each other. When it comes to questions that involve numericals or reasoning, you might never find the options falling in an easy-to-judge, large scale. Instead, all the options are quite similar, and at times, even jumbled. An easy example here is a math question that requires you to select the right final answer. This testing MCQ question might have answers that are extremely close and tricky to pick (eg: options like 1441, 1414, 1144 if the answer is 4141). So don’t rush at marking the right answer, be alert, and stay on top of your game throughout the duration of the test.

Move On If You Are stuck

Most entrance tests have a negative marking scheme that can really bog everyone down. To avoid losing out on your well-deserved marks, learn to sacrifice a few questions along the way. If you find yourself spending too much time on your question, let it go and attempt the next one. Choose your battles wisely! You can come back and attempt a tough question once you’re done with all the others, or you can even leave it be if you’re extremely unsure about the answer. Try not to engage in repeated guesswork since this might cost you. The best way to avoid these mistakes is to solve ample sample papers and mock tests during the final few months of your exam preparation!

Don’t Shy Away From The Rough Sheet

Rough sheets aren’t just effective for numerical questions but are also a great way to map your ideas for other questions. Don’t shy away from scribbling mind maps of diagrams that can help you narrow down your options or help you eliminate answers.

There you have it. Some of the best tips that can help you ace your MCQ test, without having to stress too much! Smart work always works! For all the exam-oriented help and guidance you need, be sure to visit our website or pay us a visit at any of our our centres!