Chosen The Science Stream? Here are a few good career options You Can Take Up After Your 12th Boards.

Choosing your career can almost always be an uphill battle, especially if you are confused among the myriad of choices that are out there. Out of the many career options after 12th, there are a chosen few that may be well-suited for you based on your liking, aptitude, and temperament. To give you a clear idea of what pathways you can follow to get on board the best career option, here’s a blog that can help you out!

Once you make your desired career choice, the first thing you need to think of is a good institute that can take you to newer heights. To do so, it is imperative to give national and state-level competitive exams, whilst making sure that you ace them to your fullest potential. Apart from your usual self-studies during and after your 12th boards, you might just need an extra push with a few subjects or topics that will be a part of these exams. To make sure that you take up the perfect prep for the exams that can take you towards career options after 12th science, partner with some of the best coaching classes!

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So with no further sermons, let’s get right to some of the best career options after 12th you can take up for a brighter future ahead!

Medical and engineering are the two most popular and most sought careers after class 12th science in India. But there are other thriving career options after 12th in different domains that promise a successful future for Science stream students.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

With rapid digitization creeping into almost every function of modern living, professionals who can understand this are going to be priceless. AI and machine learning are not only innovative and exhilarating but also greatly in demand. Moreover, large corporations are also investing huge amounts of money in people who have expertise in these processes. Thus, making it an extremely commercially viable profession as well. A lot of universities in India are offering these courses as a degree program.

To pursue practical AI and machine learning as a career, a degree in computer science with additional courses in AI and ML can suffice. You can also pursue a Master’s program in AI/ ML post your undergraduate degree.

Business Analytics

Another viable career option after 12th is analytics. A profession in business analytics is highly technical and intellectual in nature. It involves dealing with the top rung of a company’s management and is hence, considered highly rewarding.

You can pursue a career in business analytics by obtaining a specializing in business analytics as part of your undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Data Science

Data Science simply is the study of different kinds of data by the application of scientific methods, processes, and algorithms. As AI and machine learning, this is also one of the new-age career options after 12th available for science students to practice. In today’s time, data is considered the most important thing in an organization. Companies are relying on mining and decoding of high-quality data to implement in their operations. Some industries where data science has key significance are risk management, farming, and forensics, and fraud management.

You can become a data science professional by simply pursuing a degree in computer science at the undergraduate level and then pursuing a short term course or post-graduation in data science for additional expertise.

Blockchain Developer

After the bitcoin revolution in the late 2010s, blockchain and professions associated with it gained great prominence. With the increasing awareness in cryptocurrencies and its trading, the demand for blockchain developers has grown exponentially. An interesting field, blockchain development requires a high level of understanding of complex computer software, mathematics, statistics, and algorithms.

Since this is also a tech-based profession like the ones mentioned above, to become a blockchain developer you need to possess a degree in computer science and software with an advanced specialization in blockchain and its development.


Geologists are scientists who specialize in the study of the earth and soil. These specialists study an area and forecast any potential threats like earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. Based on this study they draw up plans for builders and construction companies to create structures.

Geology is an important but underrated and unconventional field of science. To become a geologist, one can pursue a four-year bachelor’s degree in geology along with a master or doctorate for further specialization.

Software Designing

Software designing and development also involve advanced knowledge of computer programs and languages.

A highly creative field, software designing can enable you to let your imagination flow freely to create useful software for individuals and companies. Through this vocation can be pursued by graduates from other fields as well, a degree in science is preferred.

Space Technology

While being a doctor, engineer, biologist, pharmacist, are some undisputed career options after 12th science, the interest in the sciences of space is also slowly rising in young adults. Nevertheless, now with technology becoming integrated with almost every field of study, space tech is surely gaining momentum.

A highly specialized field, to practice in the space tech industry you would ideally need a degree in space sciences and mechanical engineering.

Forensic Science

Forensic pathologists are doctors specializing in dead bodies and their secrets. Their role is to basically help the lawmakers in finding criminals by decoding clues from a dead body. A simple MBBS with a specialization in forensics can take you here.


Astrophysics is a field of science where principles of chemistry and physics are employed to study matters in outer space. These scientists usually have a doctorate degree in Astrophysics and are paid anything between INR 15- INR 50 Lakh per annum by leading corporates and research institutes in India.

With all of these unique career options after 12th readily available, make sure you partner with the right coaches that can help take you there. For more information, visit our website NOW!